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Truck Accidents Often Result in Life-Changing Injuries

Seattle and its surrounding communities have some of the nation’s worst traffic — and truck accidents are definitely a cause for that distinction. Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA) is a valuable source of information advice and help for people injured in truck accidents.

Injuries caused by truck accidents tend to be quite serious. Catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, and fatal outcomes are not uncommon. Whatever your injuries and losses in a truck accident case, you can count on our attorneys to work hard to recover all compensation that you need, want and deserve.

Was A Truck Driver’s Negligence The Cause Of The Crash?

Was a truck driver at the wheel while fatigued, distracted or impaired by alcohol or drugs? Our accident lawyers can help determine this and other key factors in your truck accident case. If we represent you, you can count on us to work hard toward full, fair compensation that will allow you the best chance at a strong recovery.

With proper compensation, a truck accident victim can confront adaptation to a changed lifestyle. If a truck accident has left you dependent on the care of others, it is certainly fair to include in your injury claim compensation to cover personal care — one of the most expensive aspects of life after a catastrophic injury. You may also need medical equipment, home remodeling, a specialized van for transportation and other disability accommodations.

Our law firm works with life care planners, economists and health care professionals in order to compile well-documented injury claims on behalf of our clients injured in truck accidents.

Serious Truck Accidents Can Occur Anywhere

Highway 18 is a state highway that goes up over Tiger Mountain, where there are a lot of blind hills that make it difficult for drivers of semis to see cars. It is the scene of many trucking accidents. Our personal injury law firm represents people injured on this and other highways where truck accidents commonly occur, such as I-405, I-5, I-90, Highway 520, Highway 67 or Highway 13. Truck accidents also happen on city streets, at truck stops and in parking lots.

Wherever your motor vehicle accident occurred, we urge you to consult with an attorney at CNRWA promptly. The sooner we are on your case, the more productive our investigation will be. We will have the opportunity to gather evidence while it is still available — such as eyewitness contact information and photographs of the wrecked vehicles.

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