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At Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA), our attorneys understand that it is unreasonable to believe that a divorce judgment will remain effective years after the proceedings. This being the case, most aspects of a judgment can be modified to fit changing fiscal needs and the needs of the child.

Nearly any change in financial or educational status can necessitate a modification in your original divorce order. Our experienced child support attorneys can guide you through this process toward a successful resolution. Our trial experience and depth of knowledge in family law directly benefit our clients. Schedule a consultation with our family lawyers by emailing or calling us at 425-247-3984. We offer statewide representation.

Reasons For Modifying Child Support

Child support agreements can be difficult to come to during a divorce. There might also be problems in the future if certain elements of the agreement need to be altered or modified. Fortunately, the courts recognize this and allow for certain changes under specific circumstances. Changes can include:

  • Child support payments
  • Allocation of day care expenses
  • Allocation of uninsured medical expenses
  • Sharing in extracurricular costs and activities
  • Post-secondary educational support
  • Allocation of tax exemptions of the dependents

Essentially, any part of the order can be modified under various circumstances. It is important to contact a knowledgeable attorney who can listen to the facts of your changing situation and provide legal advice on how you should proceed. If you decide to proceed through the legal process, we can represent you in mediation as well as in court.

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