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Nothing Is More Important Than The Welfare Of Our Children

At Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews, our Snohomish County firm, we are committed to that principle. Our custody attorneys help our clients develop sensible and creative parenting plans that allow children to maintain strong relationships with their parents. We represent residents and out-of-state clients in child custody proceedings in Washington state family courts from Seattle to Bellingham.

Every situation involving child custody or visitation is unique. Email or call us at 425-247-3984 to speak with an Everett attorney who will explain your legal options and the ways in which they will affect your relationship with your child. When you have chosen a course of action, we will provide skilled advocacy in negotiations and family court custody proceedings.

How We Can Help You

Our custody lawyers are prepared to handle all issues related to child custody, including the following:

  • Negotiating a child custody and visitation plan that will allow you to have generous parenting time after your divorce
  • Post-decree modification of child support and custody
  • Residential schedules for unmarried parents
  • Parental notification of relocation
  • Third-party custody actions

Whether you are beginning the process of divorce or there has been a significant change in circumstances allowing you to request a modification of your custody agreement, our lawyers will provide the sound counsel necessary to protect your family.

Types Of Child Custody Arrangements

There are two main types of custody — legal and physical. Parenting plans establish legal custody for individuals who will be able to make decisions in their child’s life regarding education, medical treatment and religion. Physical custody refers to the responsibility of providing daily care to child.

Our lawyers have experience representing individuals through custody battles. We will work with you to establish a joint custody or sole custody agreement that protects your children’s best interests and achieves your goals.

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If you would like to speak with one of our lawyers about a child custody issue or have any other questions about our practice, please contact us online. Our attorneys will personally take the time to work out a plan that reaches your goals.