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Attorneys at Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews provide clients in Snohomish County and the surrounding areas involved in high-asset divorce sophisticated representation designed to protect their long-term economic interests. Divorce under any circumstances involves emotional and financial risks, and parties to dissolution of a marriage need legal counsel to see that all matters are addressed appropriately.

If your marital estate is large or complex, however, it is critical that you are represented by a family law firm with the resources and experience to promote and protect your interests before, during and after your divorce. Only when working with a lawyer with the appropriate experience can you be sure that:

  • All elements of your estate, and that of your spouse, will be properly identified as individual or community property.
  • Business shares, retirement benefits and real estate holdings are accurately valued.
  • Your divorce settlement agreement addresses the division of shared assets in a way that maximizes the benefits of available tax and investment options.

Valuing And Dividing Property ‘Fairly’

Washington is a community property state, and all assets acquired during marriage are part of the community estate. However, the law requires the family court to determine a “fair and equitable” division of assets — not necessarily an even split. Therefore, it is essential that you are represented by a strong advocate during divorce proceedings.

At CNRWA, we are trial lawyers, and as such, we are well-prepared to resolve your divorce through litigation. However, we work to resolve some or all points of difference through negotiation or mediation, preserving the marital estate as much as possible. Issues to be addressed during property division in a high-asset divorce include the following:

  • Investment accounts and securities
  • Pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement accounts
  • Valuation of stock, including shares in closely held businesses
  • Validity of a prenuptial agreement
  • Spousal support/alimony — the court will award this depending on factors, including the length of your marriage, earning ability and health

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