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Drug Crime Convictions Can Carry Harsh Penalties

Despite the recent liberalization of state laws concerning marijuana possession, other drug laws remain in effect. If you are convicted of a felony or misdemeanor drug crime, you could face a lengthy jail sentence.

Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA) provides strong representation for clients accused of trafficking, including intent to distribute and intent to sell drugs, and importing marijuana, cocaine and other illegal substances. We also represent people charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Our drug crime attorneys understand state and federal drug laws and the possible defenses that can be employed, including defenses based on illegal search and seizure methods and other types of police mistakes and misconduct. CNRWA will defend you at all stages of the legal process.

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Defending Your Rights And Liberty

Our criminal defense attorneys will thoroughly examine all factual and legal issues pertaining to your case. Whenever possible, we will seek to suppress illegally obtained evidence and seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge. If necessary, we will provide strong representation at trial.

Some offenders may be eligible for drug court or other pretrial diversion programs. Our attorneys understand the criteria courts in Washington use when considering candidates for such programs. If you wish to obtain that type of outcome, we will seek it for you.

What About Washington’s Legalization Of Marijuana?

With the passage of Initiative 502 in November 2012, adults in Washington can now possess marijuana for personal use. However, the full implications of the new law are yet to be seen. State and federal laws prohibiting the sale and distribution of marijuana are still in effect.

Furthermore, even though the state has issued guidelines for growers, processors and retailers of the drug, you could still be charged under federal law. Possession or growth of marijuana under any circumstances is still illegal according to the U.S. government, and its attitude toward these activities is unclear.

If you are arrested for a marijuana law violation, including possession with intent to sell, cultivation or importing marijuana, our drug possession attorneys vigorously defend you.

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