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Protecting The Best Interests Of Children 

At Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews, we strive to protect the best interests of our clients’ children. Whether you are seeking to receive child support payments or are making payments to support your child, we can help.

Our child support attorneys understand all aspects of the Washington state law covering child support, including when it is possible to depart from the statutory child support guidelines.

We can represent you in matters involving:

  • Determination of the child support level
  • Modifications in child support orders
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Paternity as it affects child support

Email our child support lawyers through this website or call us at 425-247-3984 to schedule an appointment to speak with a lawyer who can explain your options.

Understanding Washington State’s Child Support Guidelines

In Washington, the level of child support is determined by statutory guidelines. The main factors are the parents’ income, the number of children and the residency time of the children with each parent.

It is important to correctly analyze the allowable expenses and income exemptions, as well as other factors such as the educational or health care expenses of the children. Our attorneys are highly experienced in these matters, and we will apply our knowledge to protect your rights.

Modifying Child Support Orders

In Washington, it is possible to modify your child support agreements every two years. We know the special circumstances that allow you to request more assistance or let you lower your payments. A modification may be an option for you if your income or that of the other parent has changed significantly, residency time with a parent has changed, or the court did not consider children from past relationships in the original support order.

It does not make sense to spend your hard-earned money on a child support modification that will not yield a benefit for you. Our lawyers will analyze your case and explain your options.

Get Help With Child Support Enforcement

Our attorneys are also skilled in all support collection methods. We will help you work through wage garnishment, driver’s license revocation and property lien issues in order to best protect your rights. Contact our child support attorneys to schedule a consultation about your case.