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Is Something About Your Loved One’s Will Disputable?

People rarely if ever enter into will contests as a deliberate decision to bring about legal problems after a death in the family. When someone brings a will contest or contests a will contest, it is usually out of a sense that there is “no other choice.” Disputes over estates are common in blended families, same-sex domestic partnerships and families that include estrangements. Stakes can be high when business interests, real estate and financial assets are to be distributed after someone has passed away.

Resolving Estate Distribution Disputes In Washington State

Did a member of your family die and leave unique estate division matters to be resolved, such as the following?

  • Distribution of business interests
  • Distribution of property rights pertaining to a boat, a family cabin, or other recreational personal property or real estate property

From offices in Snohomish County, our Everett and Seattle area estate planning lawyers provide sophisticated as well as sensible estate planning. We can represent you in a will contest or a dispute over management of a trust.

Preventing Will Contests Through Smart Estate Planning

If you are reading this Web page as you contemplate your own eventual death or before the anticipated death of an elderly or ill family member, Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA) can advise you and your family. We can help you minimize the chances of a future will contest through careful estate planning. If your elderly or ill family member is incompetent, we can advise you on actions you can take before his or her death to prevent drawn-out estate battles.

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