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At Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA), our attorneys protect people’s rights throughout the divorce process. We understand the weight of stress when you are uncertain about how your divorce issues will be resolved. Whether your marriage dissolution is amicable or not, we can help you achieve the best outcome based on your circumstances.

Do you have questions about dividing community and separate property during a divorce? Speak with one of our divorce attorneys by calling 425-259-6435 or contacting us online today. We have the knowledge required to protect your interests and help you achieve your goals during this time in your life.

Tackling All Aspects Of The Divorce Process

Our divorce attorneys provide multiple services to clients going through the dissolution of their marriage, including:

Drafting Divorce Decrees

The divorce decree is the document that outlines the new relationship between parties in a divorce. It is the final court order that dissolves a marriage and provides the guidelines for the divorcing couple’s shared responsibilities after the divorce is final. This includes responsibilities in property ownership, child care, and parenting and financial obligations.

Asset And Property Division

Every divorce will likely involve the concerns about property division. Even if you and your spouse consider property to be separate, under the law it may be considered marital property — something you and your spouse share. Shared property pertains to physical property like the family home as well as financial assets and debts. All of these issues must be carefully considered as you negotiate divorce agreements as they often have tax implications and special considerations in particularly complex divorce cases.

Establishing Child Support

Support payments can be a particularly contentious issue in divorce cases. The law outlines specific guidelines for child support payments, but these can be modified according to an individual family’s needs. It is best for both parties to focus efforts on the best interests of the child when determining child support, but many cases still end up being litigated. As trial lawyers, we know how to push back when our clients are not receiving a fair offer from the opposing side when establishing child support.

Determining Custody And Visitation

The relationship between a parent and child must be carefully protected when dealing with custody, visitation and parenting time agreements. It is ideal for both parents to have an amicable relationship during and after divorce proceedings to ease the transition for children, but many divorces do not allow for that. There may be issues of neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse or other concerns that may put a child in danger. There may also be cases of parents who are unwilling to work cooperatively in determining a favorable custody agreement for all parties involved. As seasoned litigators, our lawyers are flexible and fair, but firm. We ensure our clients’ rights are upheld when a trial is necessary.

Calculating Spousal Support/Maintenance

In many ways, a marriage is like a business partnership, where assets and liabilities are shared and must be divided if the partnership dissolves. No matter who was the primary breadwinner in a marriage, each individual can be viewed as a contributor to the household’s income. Even if an individual does not bring in financial income, his or her contributions in maintaining the family residence or acting as a primary caregiver for children can be seen as essential to the family’s financial well-being. All of these issues must be taken into account when determining support and spousal maintenance (commonly known as alimony).

At CNRWA, we have the skills required to manage high-asset divorces as well as modest dissolutions. Our lawyers will look out for your rights from the time you file for divorce to when the court enters a final order.

Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Asset protection is very important whether you are getting a divorce or not. Sometimes the best way to protect yourself and to thwart conflicts that give rise to marital problems is to establish legal contracts before or shortly after you get married.

Prenuptial Agreements

Despite common perceptions, prenuptial agreements are not necessarily a sign of distrust or an unhealthy relationship. When a couple decides to plan for the potential of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement simply provides a thoughtful way to protect business assets, personal property, children and parental relationships. The more you plan ahead, the more likely you are to handle unexpected issues with a strategic mindset. If litigation does arise, the prenuptial agreement can simplify dispute resolution and minimize the cost of a courtroom battle.

Postnuptial Agreements

A postnuptial contract provides the same benefits as a prenuptial contract, but it is drafted after the parties have already been married. This can be helpful if one or both parties in the marriage has significant changes in income, assets or liabilities, or if their family structure has changed when having children. Postnuptial agreements offer a way to plan for the unexpected and protect personal financial well-being. They also can often help to reduce conflicts when a couple is having marital disputes, as it eases the financial burden and allows the couple to focus on repairing the more personal aspects of their relationship.

Both prenuptial and postnuptial contracts must be reasonable in order to be upheld in court. Our Everett lawyers make sure both parties have time to review the documents and obtain their own legal counsel, if they so desire.

Comprehensive Experience For All Of Your Family Law Needs

Along with the common issues in divorce, our attorneys are adept at handling the emotionally challenging aspects of family law as a whole. This includes issues of grandparents’ rights and third-party rights, domestic partnerships and meretricious relationships.

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If you have been considering negotiating and drafting your own divorce agreement, we urge you to consult with a lawyer before making that important decision. Our attorneys have been called on to repair problems created when divorce settlement agreements did not thoroughly address all the issues. Contact us by email or call 425-247-3984 to have your concerns handled by our professional family law attorneys.