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For many years, gay couples in Washington did not have the opportunity to marry. Same-sex partners nonetheless lived together in interdependent relationships without the benefit of marriage. Property they acquired and children who they co-parented may have had an unstable status in the event of a breakup.

In 2012, Washington became one of the states that allows same-sex marriages. While many same-sex couples have chosen to get married, some do not. Couples who have shared property or shared parenting responsibilities are well-advised to get legal advice in order to seek clarity and peace of mind regarding their options.

Handling All Types Of Family Law Issues For Same-Sex Couples And Families

Gay couples can be as idealistic as any couples in their belief that their relationships will remain unbroken. It goes against the grain of commitment to plan for a possible breakup for many people. However, mature and secure adults often realize that establishing a firm understanding about rights and responsibilities is a loving thing to do for one’s partner and children, as well as a smart thing to do for one’s own future.

Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA), a family law firm with years of experience serving the Everett and Seattle areas, welcomes inquiries regarding any legal issues of vital concern to gay couples and families headed by gay couples:

  • Premarital agreements or postnuptial agreements
  • Transition from domestic partners to married couples
  • Property division and/or child custody and visitation agreements for domestic partners breaking up
  • Divorce for same-sex couples married in other states or countries — or in Washington
  • Estate planning for same-sex couples — including those who have been unmarried but together for some time and now plan to marry, as well as those who do not plan to marry in spite of the recent change in the law
    • Wills, trusts and powers of attorney for LGBT couples or families
    • Health care directives

We Seek To Position Your Family For Success

For gay couples as with any couples, failure to plan or secure legal protections can lead to disputes with blood relatives in case of incapacitation, death or separation. For your peace of mind, bring your questions and legal concerns to our attention.

If you would like to speak with a member of the firm about long-range planning or resolution of a dispute involving an LGBT family, attorneys at CNRWA await your questions. Contact a lawyer at our office email or by phone at 425-247-3984