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The benefits of having a living will

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Estate Planning

Suppose you are incapacitated by a sudden illness or a serious injury and cannot communicate effectively. Who would make medical decisions for you, and how would they know what you truly want? These are some of the challenging questions that can arise in such situations.

Fortunately, you can specify your healthcare wishes and preferences in advance, well before such a calamity strikes. You can do so with a living will – a legal document that outlines your healthcare preferences and instructions for medical professionals if you cannot make such decisions. Below are some benefits you may reap by creating a living will.

You will remain in control even when incapacitated

A living will is a legally enforceable document. By clearly stating your desires, you can ensure that your medical preferences will be adhered to when you cannot speak for yourself.

You can also express your personal values, religious beliefs and ethical considerations regarding healthcare. It ensures that decisions made on your behalf align with your deeply held convictions and principles.

You will relieve the burden off your loved ones

Without clear instructions on what should happen when you are physically or mentally incapacitated, your loved ones must make weighty medical decisions on your behalf. It can be a breeding ground for disagreement and conflict, especially if your kin cannot reach a consensus. Stating your healthcare preferences can alleviate the stress on your loved ones and prevent a potential family fallout.

You can reduce medical expenses with a living will

Unwanted and unnecessary medical interventions can lead to increased healthcare costs. With a living will, you can outline your preferences to avoid receiving treatments that you do not desire, or that may have little benefit in your specific circumstances. This can help minimize medical expenses while ensuring that resources are allocated effectively.

Contemplating end-of-life decisions may seem uncomfortable to some. However, think of a living will as a guiding light, providing clarity and direction amidst the uncertainty of unforeseen circumstances. As such, it’s in your best interests and those of your loved ones to embrace the empowering nature of a living will and ensure everything is in place should the unexpected happen.