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7 marital issues that lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2023 | Family Law

You’ve likely heard that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce — but nobody starts off a marriage expecting divorce to happen to them (although maybe they should).

Why does divorce happen so often? Here’s what you should know:

1. Communication trouble

Communication is the backbone of any strong marriage. When communication weakens or struggles, then so can the marriage.

2. Infidelity

Many marriages fail because one spouse cheated on the other. This often happens because of issues pre-existing in a marriage, such as communication issues. Some relationships can’t be mended after infidelity. 

3. Financial abuse

People often combine their incomes and savings after marriage. But, a spouse may have financial issues that create issues for their marriage, such as impulse control issues, overwhelming debts or a lack of financial planning.

4. Drug and alcohol use

People can easily become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addition often creates issues for married people because it can lead to changed personalities, financial issues and criminal charges. 

5. Religious differences

There are thousands of different religions and many people are married to someone with a different religious belief. While this can work for some people, others may have religious differences that put a divide in their marriage.

6. Trust issues

Trust is incredibly important in marriage. But, trust can also be easily broken. As mentioned above, infidelity can break trust and marriages often can’t be fixed afterward. Trust issues can also happen when boundaries or promises are broken. 

7. Early marriage

Marriage rates are going down and it may be because people are waiting for marriage until they’re older. This could be happening because people are wanting to avoid the issues that come with marrying early in life. As people grow up, they may begin to drift apart from their spouses and want to seek the newfound independence that their early marriage held back.

If your marriage is struggling because of one or more of these issues, then it may help to understand your legal rights when seeking a resolution.