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3 tips to help you get the divorce outcome you need

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Family Law

One of the biggest problems with a divorce is that it requires you to make major decisions at a time when you are probably not at your best.

Those in the military train so that they can perform under high stress. Most people do not, and even military training may not prepare someone for the particular stressors a divorce can bring. The combination of high stakes at play and the grief and confusion over the end of your relationship can make it a particularly challenging time.

Here are some ways to increase the chance you make good choices:

Look after yourself

If this means you need to say no to staying late at work or no to a social engagement, then so be it. Prioritize your emotional and physical health and remember that they are connected. If you stop exercising and start living on take-outs, it will affect your mind as well as your body. You might also want to seek help from a therapist.

Ask others for help

Your friend and family, and even your employer, will likely be happy to help you through this difficult time if you ask them for assistance. Yet, if you say you are fine every time they ask if you need anything, they may take you at your word or figure you do not want their help.

Understand what happens next

Knowledge makes tackling something new less daunting. Finding out more about how divorce works can take away the stress of the unknown, enabling you to make better decisions.