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3 big benefits of joint custody

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Family Law

You and your spouse may have recently agreed to divorce, and you’d like to avoid a custody battle. Well, the good news is that’s entirely possible. These days, joint custody is generally considered best (in most situations) for the children 

Shared custody arrangements have a host of benefits for all involved, including:

The responsibility for your child is shared

The primary benefit of a plan that split parenting time more or less equally between you and your co-parent is that you both end up being more or less equally involved and engaged in your child’s life. This prevents one parent from being the “Weekend Dad” or “Disney Mom” while the other parent does all the work.

Your child will have a more stable life

Marriages with issues can actually be problematic for your child’s growth – but a shared custody plan can eliminate the stress your child experiences in a household where the parents have a strained relationship. 

Children in shared custody situations have better self-esteem, better relationships with their family, better academic success and better fewer emotional problems because they feel stable and secure.

You have more personal freedom

Whoever says joint custody is only beneficial for children is wrong. You and your co-parent will have more personal time as you trade off the parenting responsibilities. You won’t always have to focus on your child’s care when their other parent has to care for them. 

What happens in your divorce can also affect your child. If you’re looking to divorce and have a child to think about, then you may need to consider your options