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How can you dial down your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2022 | Family Law

If you are about to divorce, you might be dreading how it will go. You may have friends or family who went through a nasty divorce, and whenever you see divorces in the press or in TV series or films, they tend to be high conflict. Yet that does not mean all divorces are. Many divorces are far too dull to make the gossip columns or sustain a captivating plotline.

The more boring you can keep your divorce, the better. Arguing and fighting over everything will not help you or those surrounding you, such as your children, family, friends and work colleagues.

How can you achieve a boring divorce?

You are unlikely to agree with your spouse on everything. After all, there are many high-stakes things to settle, such as custody of your kids, how you divide your property, and what, if any, payments one of you will make to the other in the future.

Yet think about another situation such as work or your child’s education. You will not always agree with your colleagues or your child’s teachers, yet hopefully, you find ways to calmly work through your differences and reach the necessary agreements and conclusions.

If you take that attitude to your divorce, you should be able to process it far more quickly and amicably than many couples manage. While there are divorces that end in massive wins and losses for one party, most divorces reach relatively predictable conclusions due to the necessity to adhere to state laws. Getting legal help to understand your rights and obligations will be crucial to keeping the drama out of your divorce and moving on with life sooner.